The Writer




Simone Tarrone is the art name of a new Italian writer who has published two works: a book of humorous short stories entitled "Li Mejo Autibus" and a serious novel entitled "Il Sogno e il Gelo". A writer who looks forward to be read by all kinds, types and ages of readers. His style is clear, fast and incisive. Brought to introspection and reflection, it can be considered classic and passionate. He aspires to describe the biodiversity of humanity  through a multiplicity of points of view that bring out the different faces of truth. Human behavior is examined under a magnifying glass that amplifies the daily ritual and highlights the astonishing multiplicity of characters in their perpetual struggle and reconciliation. Not surprisingly, reading TARRONE, we realize how the banal and the everyday life often hide reasons of interest, discovery and amazing curiosity. The other focal point of his writing is introspection: the consideration of the internal causes that drive us to act and the reasons that triggered them. The discovery of ourselves is the main key to reading his books.