The Dream and the Frost

The book The Dream and The Frost tells a story of love that is born between two distant people, who live physically separated by hundreds of kilometers. A love fueled daily by the long letters that the two exchange by e-mail, telling each other about their adventures, their problems and their concerns, confiding feelings and opinions, helping each other to overcome moments of crisis. This physical distance helps to create in each of them an image of the other that slips into the illusion. Fantasy creates an imaginary lover with all the features you want in the perfect companion. A castle of dreams and fantasy. A suffered love, lived in the distance and in the separation, considered as causes of suffering and pain. But who is it that imposes this distance? A hierarchy of self-imposed responsibilities that sees as a priority the family bond and respect for parental ties. The attachment, the sense of duty, the feeling of the exchange of maternal love, constitute an invisible wall that opposes to spontaneous fantasies and desires. The story of love, which is born between dreams and illusions, develops into a suffered love, lived in the distance, bound to respect priority responsibilities in a dynamic daily tension. A love of expectation, seen as the promise of a better future, of redemption, of hope. But suddenly, after years of sacrifices, the wall collapses, the doors open and the long-awaited future life seems to be at hand. But, when the two lovers face each other, they make a bewildering discovery. In reality they cannot stand each other, they are strangers, their fairy-tale castle of dreams was just a house of cards and it took only a gust of wind to make it collapse.At this point it is the cold that takes over, which grips and gradually risks reaching the heart. Frost, which is about to dry up and cancel everything, which is about to transform living matter into a solid mineral. Whose fault is it? The consideration of the causes, the instinctive need to re-examine the facts, lead to an internal resolutive confrontation. The fault does not exist, or rather, the truth does not exist. All that has happened is the result of a pure mental construction that was decisive for overcoming difficult moments of existential crisis.The sense of emptiness and despair remains for a promise of the future that has vanished into thin air. But even these feelings are overcome by the capacities of the mind: once again the imagination; dream and memory. The protagonist sinks into the re-enactments of the past. His mind unconsciously develops new creations. Remember and dream: where is reality? Is there a reality? This question arises spontaneously compared to the immensity that surrounds it.Sometimes, with infinite patience, a life that seems to be destroyed can be recreated to measure and can be cut out so as to live in it comfortably, or at least passably. A question then arises spontaneously: in how many are we to create ourselves a prison and then live on dreams?

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