SIMONE TARRONE was born in Italy in the late 1950s. He has always lived in Rome, he had a happy childhood, even if he was precocoiusly responsiblised  by the disappearance of his father.


Induced by his mother, teacher of literature, to love books, he completed classical studies and graduated with full marks in a course on demo-ethno-anthropological subjects. He chose this address because, finding it difficult to bear the other people, he wanted to study them with curiosity and thoroughness, from primitive populations to the different contemporary social strata, to understand the reasons for his dislike (but he has not yet succeeded!).


His working career took place first as researcher in a research institute where he carried out all kinds of tasks (from researcher to secretary, from skilled worker to project developper) and then as expert project designer in an agency of the Lazio Region, where he had the pleasure of being able to closely study the wonderful fauna of the officials and managers who preside over it. In the course of his work he has written hundreds of reports, projects and technical surveys  in various sectors, which once printed could fill a room, but they where not be able to achieve anything  and will never be used for anything.


He is currently working as volunteer with satisfaction in the conservation of cultural heritage.


He lives alone.


He loves History, which considers the only link that ties us to the world and music (preferably the one composed between the end of the 1600s and the early 1800s), which considers the only push that raises us to the sky.


He loves the sea and the natural landscape and in both he prefers to immerse himself in perpetual exploration without the help of advanced technologies, but as a modest swimmer and walker.


He loves books which he considers the only way out in times of crisis.


He loves eating and drinking, but preferably foods that are good for him.

He loves to live, with curiosity and to dream.